Lé Lauriér | Sew 4 Lives

Mask Donation

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, designer Lauren Holovka has been sewing and donating masks to Health Care & Essential Workers


"My heart is filled with joy seeing so many amazing people coming together and helping out in this time! We are all trying our best and so happy to be helping in the best way we know how!

As of last week Sew4livesLives has donated over 6,433 sewn masks to our hospitals, doctors, nurses and essential workers. In this time we have all come together nationwide in our strongest form doing what we do best, to fight back against the Covid-19 pandemic!

I am so honored to be a part of such an amazing initiative which was founded by Caroline Berti and Karen Sabag and has put so much time and effort organizing an amazing team of incredibly talented designers &  volunteers,  for more on our teams

& donating masks to help health care & essential workers please follow @Sew4lives !


Thank you and I hope everyone stays safe