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Our Custom Process

Designer Lauren Holovka is known for her custom couture Bridal & Evening Wear which are created lovingly from design to construction by Lauren.

Starting with a custom design sketch for our clients, executed with the finest materials specifically sourced for our bride.

To explain just how uniquely special a custom piece really is, we have outlined the process, step by step.

Initial Consultation:

When you make an appointment, you will personally meet with Lauren, who will use her extensive background in couture bridal & evening wear to advise on styles, fabrics, details and more.​

If you are an out of state bride you can have a consultation over the phone or video chat.

You will speak directly with Lauren and share your inspirations and ideas.

Ideally you will need to visit our salon in Carroll Gardens, for fittings and further stages of this couture process.

Lauren must first get the precise measurements for each of our clients. Each women’s body is unique, In fact, over twenty-five different measurements are taken

Next, we discuss design ideas with the client and design a complete sketch of what the client is looking for. 

After the measurements are taken and a design idea has been discussed,  we start the actual creation process…

Muslin Fittings

The first fitting is a mock-up of the dress, and is used to ensure the most accurate fit, so that the final gown is as perfect. Only once the muslin, and patterns are perfected, can the fabric be cut, and construction of the gown started.

​Each custom wedding gown is one-of-a-kind and requires hundreds of hours of work to create.

The design process takes six to twelve months depending on scheduling and the complexity of the design.

Gown Fittings:

During a number of private fittings with Lauren,  bride/client will see their gown come to life. These fittings ensure the gown is created and fits to the highest possible standards. These fittings also give the bride/client an opportunity to make any changes to the gown.

A final check fitting is arranged as close to the event/wedding date as possible.

Pick Up

Our schedule aims for pick up approximately one to two weeks before your event/wedding day.

Your couture gown is now completed, pressed and packaged.

Thank you for sharing your special day with us!